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Max Stein is a media artist based in Montréal. His work explores urban spaces through site-specific performances, installation art, field recording, and cartography.


He designed and runs the Montréal Sound Map (2008-present), and has collaborated on other sound mapping projects including TSIKAYA, San Francisco Bay Area Sound Map, Oljud Sthlm, Portland Sound Map, Belfast Sound Map, My Favorite Brussels Sound, and the Soundprint Archive.

As a frequent collaborator with sound artist and musician, Jen Reimer, he has created in-situ performances and installations in resonant spaces around the world. Most recently, they launched an online exhibition of urban environments in Montréal called Sounding the City.

He has presented sound installations and performances for various Montréal festivals and series (Mutek, Suoni Per il Popolo, POP Montreal, Nuit Blanche, HOWL, Innovations en concert, Journées de la culture, HTMLLES, Phenomena) at galleries and venues including OBORO, Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec (BANQ), Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Espace Projet, Espace Cercle Carré.

His work has also been presented abroad in New York (MATA / 24 Hour Drone / Signal Culture), Vancouver (VIVO Media Arts Centre), Saskatoon (Sounds Like Festival), Toronto (Electric Eclectics / NAISA / The Music Gallery), Lisbon/Barcelona/Marseille (Sound Development City), Iceland (NES), Helsinki (Äänen Lumo), Verona (PATH Festival), Venice (Live Arts Cultures), Milan (MADAM), Lausanne (Les Digitales), Winnipeg (send+receive), Barcelona (MUTEK España), Sāo Miguel (Invisible Places), and Lisbon (Lisboa Soa).



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